Mobile applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Application developers are reaching and exceeding the capabilities of desktop software with powerful new user friendly apps.

Just five years ago the majority of mobile users struggled to send email and browse the web from their devices.

Now, even some high-powered businessmen have ditched their laptops in favor of pocketable gadgets when they are traveling, finding that they can manage their finances, remotely keep an eye on their business, and complete their daily management tasks (plus take time out to relax and enjoy their trip with games or some entertainment) thanks to an ever-growing selection of feature-rich mobile applications.

FileMaker, Inc., a brand that has come to be synonymous with in-depth database software, announced the availability of their FileMaker Pro software for the iPhone and iPad on July 20.

The apps, FileMaker Go for iPhone and FileMaker Go for iPad, enable users to remotely access their FileMaker Pro databases on their device.

Files can be uploaded and stored in the cloud giving users the ability to view, search, and edit their information on their iOS device. Any changes made on the go are instantly updated within the hosted file via a local network, WiFi or 3G connection.

"Imagine being able to check inventory levels, update the status of a project or add a new customer contact and share it with your remote sales team - just a few of the many workgroup tasks made easy with FileMaker Go for iPhone or iPad," said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker, Inc.

According to a new study by Juniper Research, consumer-oriented handset mobile app store downloads are set to grow from the less than 2.6 billion downloads recorded in 2009 to more than 25 billion by 2015.

FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPod Touch, and FileMaker Go for iPad are available on the iTunes store for $19.99 and $39.99 respectively.

iOS Applications such as Tap Forms Database, StoreIt Database Application and HanDBase Database Manager, and Evernote are less expensive options for database managing, but may not provide you with all the features FileMaker Go applications can.