New trailer for cutesy Halloween game

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There's a new trailer out for Costume Quest, the latest game from DoubleFine, showing a bit more of what to expect from the Halloween-themed download for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Costume Quest has been developed as a result of the studio's previous game, Brütal Legend, but looks a whole lot different.

Whereas Brütal Legend was a genre-blending homage to well-worn tropes of heavy metal music, Costume Quest is shaping up to be a straightforward tale of rescue which, one would hope, has enough sparkle to keep both kids and adults entertained.

Out trick-or-treating, two siblings are separated when the younger child is swept away by a wicked witch, and so the adventure begins.

Each youngster has the ability to transform into their costumed alter ego - a robot aeroplane, knight in shining armor, and a flaming pumpkin-head.

One of them even turns into a multicolored unicorn, which could be a reference to the free browser-based Robot Unicorn Attack, or perhaps the magical Unicorn Poop found in DeathSpank, another downloadable PS3 / 360 game.

Perhaps it's just that someone at DoubleFine still loves My Little Pony.

The trailer can be seen at