New trailers for 'Blacks Ops' and 'Modern Warfare 3' modes

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Trailers for Black Ops' new Zombies map pack and Modern Warfare 3 equivalent Spec Ops both offer a peek into the Call of Duty franchise's co-operative modes.

Staff at the Black Ops studio explain why the game's next map pack, Rezurrection, is an all-zombie special with a lunar fixation.

The team tries to outdo itself with each pack, says Jimmy Zielinski, Creative Director, "so we started working on the idea of going to the moon."

"We thought that [low gravity] would make it easier; things would slow down, and you'd have more time to shoot zombies. Actually quite the opposite's true because everybody's floating... it's really challenging."

Rezurrection is out as an Xbox 360 download come August 23, with PS3 and PC versions to follow. Audio Director Brian Tuey calls it a "season finale," and so it should be with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launching November 8.

Spec Ops is MW3's zombie mode equivalent. Two players team up against wave after wave of computer-controlled opponents, with increasingly well-armed troops hellbent on taking key control points.

No commentary for this one, only action, as various elements from the standard multiplayer make themselves known. There's also a tiny preview of full-on versus multiplayer.

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