Hate waiting a few seconds for pages to load in your web browser? Perhaps it's time you thought about switching over to the latest version of Chrome.

The latest stable version of Google’s web browser, Chrome 13 build, brings with it Google's Instant Pages feature.

"When we can predict with reasonable confidence that you'll click the first result, Instant Pages will begin loading the webpage early. By the time you click on the result, the entire webpage will often appear to have loaded instantly," said Google Software Engineer Ziga Mahkovec in an August 2 post on the company's Inside Search blog.

Additional Chrome enhancements include a smarter omnibox ("Chrome's combination search box and address bar") that makes it easier to get back to previously visited pages and a built-in print preview for Windows and Linux users.

According to web metrics firm Statcounter, Chrome overtook Firefox to become the the second most used browser in the UK in June.