3D printed toothbrush cleans your teeth in 6 seconds

Each brush is personally tailored using a 3D scan of an individual's teeth

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It looks like an instrument of torture designed by a dentally-minded sadist, but the Blizzident might just be the future of the toothbrush.

Each ‘brush’ is shaped like a gumshield with the interior lined with bristles “aligned exactly along your gumline”.

Users simply bite down on the Blizzident and chew on it for six seconds, with the makers claiming that this process is equal to three minutes of brushing time with a manual toothbrush.

To ensure that each Blizzident fits the customer's teeth exactly, would-be owners must send the company an impression of their teeth created by a dentist. This can either be a 3D scan or physical mould, with the latter then scanned to create a digital file.

Once the scane has been uploaded Blizzident will create the brush using a 3D printer. Each brush costs a hefty €299 (£250), though without knowing how long it will last, it's not certain whether this represents value for money or not.

Replacment Blizzidents are also offered for €159 and getting the thing refurbished (cleaned with new bristles put in) cost €89. Though does seem unduly pricey but if the technology becomes popular then the price would certainly drop.

Blizzident also suggest that the brush is perfect for young children as it makes ‘toothbrush errors impossible’. Unfortunately, given its somewhat terrifying appearance, getting them to use it in the first would probably be the main difficulty.

3D scanning is integral to creating the brush, but it does no favours for the marketing. Credit: Blizzident.