The 3D TV market is set to explode in 2010. Industry market analysts are predicting 3D HDTVs will be on display everywhere at this year's CES.

The expanding market for 3D content has been fuelled by an influx of 3D movies released in 2009. Major film studios have put their weight behind three dimensional technology, with many now opting to release their blockbuster films in 3D.

James Cameron's 3D film, AVATAR, is said to be the most ambitious 3D film ever released and is set to "change the face of cinema forever".

Electronics companies are striving to bring this same immersive viewing experience into living rooms around the world. According to market researcher GFK, 145 million LCD sets were sold in 2009 for a total of 128 billion dollars. That figure is expected to grow exponentially in 2010 and beyond.

JVC, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp and Sony are all rumoured to be unveiling new 3D technology at CES 2010. Companies such as Nvidia, Corel, AMD and CyberLink will also boost future 3D display sales with the unveiling of 3D Blu-ray video playback technology.

"2010 is poised to be a pivotal year for 3D entertainment," said Joe Roberts, Executive Vice President, Products for Corel. "Hollywood is ramping up production of 3D content, while hardware manufacturers are working to bring new 3D display technologies to market."

"The Led TV will also be a big subject at CES," says Claude Terrier, Digital World Team, GfK Retail and Technology. The Copenhagen meeting has raised the profile of LED technology and Ecofriendly Products are set to be a major topic of discussion during CES 2010.