Some people say the biggest bar to becoming a cyclist is that you have to dress like a cyclist. This, like the argument that cyclists are some sort of car-hating tribe, is rubbish. Cycling, design and fashion have always been closely linked and tonight at London's Design Museum an evening of "bike porn" will show that objectification of cycling and all things bike is stronger than ever.

Called Bike v Design it's a spin-off from the museum's current sport exhibition, Designed to Win, and will feature talks from industry insiders, film screenings, stunts and a display of bespoke bikes and cycling gear. It couldn't really have come at a better time after a summer of success at the Tour de France, Olympics and Paralympics, but Bike V Design isn't just about going quick, it's about looking good while you're doing it. So expect to see fixie fans, vintage bike lovers, road warriors and off-road bruisers all drooling at chic clobber and some seriously hot wheels.

From £7.50 entry, 6.30pm this evening at the Design Museum (