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A Tuscan town for €2.5m – but what else is up for auction on eBay?

An entire Tuscan village – the hamlet of Pratariccia – has been put up for sale on eBay for €2.5m. But how does it compare to the other oddest items to grace the auction site?

* Virgin Mary grilled-cheese sandwich $28,000 (£18,000), 2004

* Piece of the 1962 Zagami Martian meteorite that landed in Nigeria $450,000 (£290,000), 2006

* 2003 Enzo Ferrari car $650,000 (£405,300), 2004

* The town of Albert, Texas $2.5m (£1.68m), 2007

* Lunch with Warren Buffett $3,456,789 (£2.2m), 2012

* Ian Usher's life (car, job, house, friends) £192,000 (2008).