Jon Hamm aka Mad Men's Don Draper / Getty Images


You probably wouldn't want Don Draper dishing out advice to your teenage daughter, but what about Jon Hamm, the actor who plays him?

"Ask a Grown Man" on Rookie, fashionista Tavi Gevinson's ace website for teens, sees a famous man reply via video message to adolescent girls' queries about the opposite sex that have been sent in by readers.

The Mad Men star responds to "Britney, age 16-ish" who asks what to do when a boy wants to date her one day, but changes his mind the next ("Don't sweat it; there are lots of guys out there – and don't define yourself by who wants to get with you").

Then there's "Anonymous", who wonders if a girl should be embarrassed when she farts in front of her boyfriend. ("Farting is farting, everybody farts.")

Fellow heartthrob Paul Rudd has recorded one, ensuring Rookie racks up hits from those way beyond its target demographic. The men take their role seriously as agony uncle, although Rudd was not opposed to humour. "Is matching underwear a necessity? Well, Abby... I always wear it," he smiles. I'm kidding. I sometimes wear it."