Amazon had promised more deals than Black Friday — which might be true, but some deals seem to be making up the numbers

Many shoppers expressed disappointment this morning, when Amazon’s promised Prime Day sales offered little more than houses for cats and numbing cream.

The company had teased its sale day with the promise that it would have more deals than Black Friday. But while there were hundreds of offers,  many complained that they didn’t seem to be for anything that anyone wanted to buy.

The company is running sales on games consoles, TVs and watches. But many of the other offers are  for strange and specific products, which might be discounted because nobody wanted to buy them in the first place.

One of the deals, for instance, was for RectiCare — a rectal numbing cream. Another was for a “cat house lodge”, which lets cats hang out on a balcony or hide inside, and was reduced by 44 per cent in celebration of Amazon’s 20th birthday.

The #AmazonPrimeDay topic was tweeted about a fair bit over the day — but mostly to complain about how rubbish the deals were. Almost all of the tweets that showed up on it were mocking strange items or expressing disappointment at not being able to find anything else.