Dave Burke, Director of Engineering, Android at Google, uses an Android Wear watch during Google I/O Developers Conference at Moscone Center on June 25, 2014 in San Francisco, California / Getty Images

Company’s head of engineering had his watch face set to a picture of a milkshake — but it might not be all that it seems

The new version of Android might be called Milkshake, according to one of the company’s executive’s watch. Or it might be called something else entirely.

Google names each version of its operating system after a dessert, and is gradually moving through the alphabet. The last one was called Lollipop, so this release will begin with an M.

The company announced the new operating system at its event yesterday. But for now it is only called Android M.

But one clue to the Milkshake name was seen on the wrist of the company’s vice president of engineering. The smartwatch on his wrist had a little doodle of a milkshake on it, which some took to mean that the new version would have the same name.

But Dave Burke took to Twitter to clarify that his watch cycles through four different desserts beginning with M, which also include milk, malt whiskey and what appears to be a cookie. Presumably one of those will be the name of the new dessert — though it could be something else entirely, like marshmallow.

The company is expected to release the new version of Android to customers in Autumn, and it may not get a name until then. Google released an early version of the software to developers at the I/O event, but that is still known by its codename.