Apple boss's factory visit 'just a PR stunt'

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An investigation into working conditions at the Chinese factories that make Apple's iPhones and iPads has been criticised as a "PR stunt" by campaigners.

An audit carried out by the Fair Labour Association (FLA) in response to a public outcry over workplace abuses found "serious and pressing" breaches of Chinese labour laws.

Apple threw its weight behind the report and Foxconn, its main supplier, has agreed to improve working hours, pay, union representation and health-and-safety conditions for its 1.2 million workers. But China Labour Watch said Apple "is merely passing on its responsibility" by hiring the FLA to conduct the investigation, and that the report "does not address the workers' primary concerns".

"If Apple doesn't have the means to help its Chinese workers, who does?" asked Li Qiang, director of China Labour Watch.