Apple's App Store recent ran a special promotion to coincide with World Aids Day / Getty Images

Get a refund on Apps and iTunes media you regret buying, no questions asked

Apple will now offer 14-day refunds on purchases from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks, in an apparent response to a recent EU ruling.

Refunds can be requested either by using the App Store’s Report a Problem feature, or by writing directly to the company. Apple says that it will refund users within 14 days of it being claimed.

Getting a refund on any purchase through Apple was rare and required consultation with customer services, but Apple has updated its terms to allow for refunds without giving any reason.

The move appears to be a response to a recent EU directive that required companies selling goods or services in Europe to offer a 14-day refund. That means that the update won’t apply in other countries such as the US and Canada.

Apple also changed the wording on its non-paid apps from “Free” to “Get” last month, which was also in response to an EU directive intended to make customers aware of the costs that be incurred through in-app purchases.