Apple Stores to be flooded with protestors after US government asks company to hack into iPhones

The protest group said that they are ‘not protesting Apple’, but instead supporting its attempt to fight ‘back against this too’

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Apple Stores could be filled with protestors next week as they flood in to support Apple in its fight with the US government.

The FBI has asked the company to hack into its iPhones so that it can read information on the handset owned by one of the San Bernardino killers. The company has refused, on the basis that weakening security in one case would be a dangerous precedent that could lead to intrusions on privacy.

The protest group intends to hold events in Apple Stores, apparently to show its solidarity with the company.

“Our basic safety and security is at stake!” the protestors wrote. “On Tuesday, February 23rd we will gather at Apple stores nationwide with two simple messages: ‘Don’t Break Our Phones!’ and ‘Secure Phones Save Lives!’”

“We're not protesting Apple, they are fighting back against this too. We're protesting the government's dangerous attempt to undermine our security by demanding a backdoor.”

All of the currently listed cities are in the US. But the organisers make clear that anyone can set up an event and have it listed on the page.

The group also says that anyone can “simply show up at the most central Apple store” if they want to take part, even if no officially-organised protest is taking place.

All of the events will be held at 5.30pm local time on 23 February. They are being held at cities including New York, San Francisco and Palo Alto.

The protestors say that they will give everyone a tool that can be used to turn their devices into a sign that can be held at the veent.