Watch will tell you off if you're not exercising enough, and congratulate you when you do

Early versions of the software that will control the Apple Watch from an iPhone have been released, giving clues to how it will be controlled. The watch is expected to be launched in March.

The latest beta version of iOS 8 includes the Apple Watch app, currently called ‘Companion’, is used to manage the watch’s settings and connect it to the iPhone. Details on how exactly it works were revealed by 9to5mac, which delved into the app.

It shows that the watch’s menus will be easily customisable, and that watch faces can be customised with initials. The watch face can also be used to track a specific stock, with a read out giving its current price or change over the day.

With messages, users will be able to reply either by dictation, or by choosing from a series of default text replies. The Apple Watch doesn’t have a keyboard.

The companion app can activate reminders if you stay still too long or aren’t working towards your fitness goals. It will also be able to ask the Apple Watch to give you congratulatory reminders when you reach those goals.

The security settings are largely similar to the iPhone. Users will be able to set a dedicated four number passcode, which will be required to use Apple Pay, and they will also be able to unlock it from the iPhone itself. Like the iPhone it will be able to wipe all of its information if the passcode is tried too many times.

The watch will also feature a range of accessibility options, including settings to have the phone read out its menus for people who are visually impaired.

The new details on the Apple Watch add to those found in the software kit released in November, which gave instructions for developers about how the watch will be controlled and how the software will work.

Apple has said that the watch will launch in “early 2015”. Reports suggested last week that the release will be in March.