Apple Watch designs: 'iWatch' colours, straps and models unveiled

Customisation is king as Apple announces the Apple Watch

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Let the celebrations begin! Apple's long-awaited smart watch - dubbed the 'iWatch', but actually the Apple Watch - has arrived (sort of).

As the tech-obsessed examine what's inside of Apple's first step into wearable technology, the aesthetically-minded around the world will only be looking at the surface.

Apple has revealed the watch will come in a range of faces and straps, allowing users to customise their watches to their heart's content. Apple will also sell a smaller watch with different straps.

Some of the straps listed on Apple's website include: a link bracelt, a sport band, a leather loop, a classic buckle, and a Milanese loop.


There will be three different versions of the watch. A sports version is made for active use, and the 'Apple Watch Edition' is made using 18-carat gold. The watch will also come in stainless steel, silver aluminum, 'Space Black' stainless steel and 'Space Gray' aluminum.

The watch includes a range of digital faces, which include more incredible images like a face that shows users' positions on earth. Those faces can be customised, including changing colours. The faces can also pull information from apps including the calendar, stocks and weather.