Gold timing: the18 karat Apple Gold Watch Edition will set buyers back £8k

In China, which is reckoned to be one of the big markets for the gold watch, it’s already sold out

Pre-orders opened for the Apple Watch this morning. And some of them have already sold out.

Though the Watch won’t actually go on sale for another two weeks, customers can pre-order online already. And in China, the top-end, luxury Apple Watch Edition has already sold out.

The Edition sells for between £8,000 and £13,500 in the UK.

Thompson, who spotted the fact the watches had sold out, noted that rose gold is still available. The Edition comes in two colours, with yellow gold the other option.


Apple hasn’t said how many of the Edition it has made, but has said that it will be sold in a limited run.


It is still very much on sale in the UK, where all of the eight available models still seem to be available for pre-order. As with Apple’s new strategy, the Watch can only be bought online though it can be seen and tried out in store.