Gold timing: the Apple Watch Edition

Prices will begin at about £250, but luxury Edition version will sell for much more than that

The most expensive Apple Watch could cost thousands of pounds when it goes on sale after the launch on Monday.

Apple said that the Sport version of the watch, which comes in a case made of aluminium and a rubber strap, will be sold for $350 (£230).

But the luxury Edition model, which features an 18-carat body, could start at $5,000 (£3300). Apple hasn't yet said how much any watches apart from the Sport will sell for, but analysts and other commentators have made estimates based on the value of the parts and comparisons with other big watch firms.

It’s unclear how much the standard version of the Apple Watch, which simply has that name, will be sold for. But it’s likely to be closer close to the price of the Sport than the Edition, which will be sold through revamped stores in an area more like a jewellery shop.


For those thousands of pounds, Apple Watch Edition owners will get a watch body made of 18-carat rose or yellow gold, and straps made of leather or a range of other luxury materials. A large part of Apple’s rumoured revamp of its stores will focus on selling that watch, adding new areas and safes to keep the watches overnight.

But it’s unclear how Apple will convince luxury customers to buy the watches — given that, unlike other luxury timepieces, their processors and other hardware will be out of date in years to come. Some have speculated that Apple will give users the ability to take watches into stores and get new insides added, and the company will likely elaborate on its strategy for the more expensive watches at the launch event on Monday.