'Around the world in 80 games' - a global trip for gamers with itchy thumbs

The £5,582 trip will taken in Phuket (Lara Croft), Seoul (for the e-Sports) and Los Angeles (L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto)
  • @davidcrookes

A round-the-world holiday tailored specifically for gamers has been launched – for the equivalent price of around 140 blockbuster games.

STA Travel and the Game retail chain have mapped out an “Epic Gaming Adventure” holiday taking in 13 locations in eight countries for £5,582.

Dubbed Around the World in 80 days, the trip takes four weeks to complete. It starts in Edinburgh where gamers will be able to tour the city of Rockstar North, makers of Grand Theft Auto. Gamers are then taken for a stopover drink in The Loading Bar in London's Soho which is modelled on the gaming cafes of Tokyo.

From there, fun seekers are flown to Phuket to visit the Ko Tapu islands where Lara Croft is known to soak up the atmosphere in Tomb Raider Underworld before heading for the South Korean capital Seoul for a trip to the e-Sports Stadium.

With visits to Tokyo, dropping off at the headquarters of Konami and visiting Taito Station to play the arcade machines, a look around Los Angeles where the annual E3 Games Conference takes place and where L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto's Los Santos drew inspiration and a nostalgic trip to San Francisco, home of Pong and close to where Electronic Arts is based, the trip is the stuff of gaming dreams.

Especially when that is only half way through and there are still visits to Austin, Texas, Boston, New York, Miami, Nassau and Havana are next on the agenda.

In these locations gamers can see the landscape of Red Dead Redemption, visit the Funspot Family Entertainment Centre, see the locations of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Crysis 3 and GTA's Liberty City, play at the Arcade Odyssey, lap up the setting of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and enjoy the tropical setting that is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Command and Conquer.

Gamers will stay in a mixture of four and five star hotels which will surely have Wi-Fi so that players can enjoy some online gaming during down times. But this will account for the high price of the trip and the flights alone cost £2,599.

“The Epic Gaming Adventure is an all-out celebration of gaming,” said Ailsa McKnight of Game Retail Ltd. “This ambitious trip will take gamers on a journey through the rich history of videogame culture and take a look at the exciting developments still to come.”