Atari takes classic videogames online

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Legacy video games publisher Atari has relaunched its company website,, and incorporated playable versions of 30-year-old arcade classics such as Asteroids, Crystal Castles, Lunar Lander and Yars' Revenge, with accompanying high-score leaderboards.

The Atari name is better known to modern gamers as the publishing house behind Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Neverwinter Nights and Test Drive Unlimited, though they have kept their tradition alive in the shape of various Atari classics released on PSP, and DS.

Another famous veteran video game company has made a similar move in recent times: SEGA has ported many of its Genesis / Mega Drive games for, though are offering both free membership and subscription benefits.

These developments can be seen as a way for developers, publishers and manufacturers to capitalize on the interest shown in unofficial, fan-made gaming portals dedicated to arcade and video games of the 1970s, 80s, and early 90s.