Autographer camera - a new lifelogging tool that snaps photos all day.

Device will sell for £399.99 and aims to capture the "unseen and authentic" moments of your life

A new camera that can strap to your chest and automatically take pictures throughout your day is now on sale in the UK for £399.99. The Autographer, developed by Oxford-based OMG Life, weighs just 58g and is capable of shooting up to 2,000 pictures daily with its 5-megapixel, wide-angle lens.

Once clipped onto your clothes or hung round your neck with a lanyard the Autographer will automatically capture the “authentic and unseen moments” of your day, though OMG Life have also added a range of data-rich functionality to this core concept.

For a start, pictures aren’t just taken at set intervals but with the help of five sensors that ‘judge’ when the best moment is. These measure light, temperature, the direction of the camera, the motion of objects in shot, and how quickly the Autographer itself is moving. The camera’s algorithms then supposedly combine these factors to produce the best shots of your day – though how well this works remains to be seen.

As well as the camera itself the Autographer comes with smartphone and desktop apps that let your sort through your day’s takings. You can combine sequences of snaps into videos or gifs, or use the GPS data attached to each image to map your day alongside your pictures.

Auto219864 1.jpg

“There is growing interest to capture and share precious moments in our everyday lives,” says Simon Randall, head of OMG Life. “Our recent research found that the majority of Brits want to use wearable technologies to create a library of their life (30 per cent) or to aid memory (28 per cent) and Autographer was created with these purposes in mind.”

“Autographer provides people with a new method of photography, Autography. Autography generates greater memories by capturing images of ‘real life' – rather than 'posed life’. People can completely enjoy and experience the moment without having to pause to take photos.”

“This is perfect for live music events, more sentimental moments such as childrens’ first steps and much more.”

The ‘much more’ is perhaps what worries some people. Autographer isn’t the first camera to sell itself on its passive, always-on picture taking qualities (the similarly pitched Memento is on pre-order) and the fear of individual CCTV cameras wandering the streets might become more legitimate if such devices become popular.