Bing mobile search application appears in the App Store

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iPhone users can now search the web using Microsoft‘s proprietary mobile search engine, Bing.

The Bing for iPhone app brings the best features of Microsoft's "decision" engine to the iPhone platform. A slick-looking home screen features a new image every day and provides access to maps, directions, location-based searches, image search and voice activated searches.

"Let's talk about some cool stuff you can do with the Bing App," wrote Microsoft on their Bing Blog on December 15. "Our investments in voice search (you may have played with them on Windows phones or BlackBerry already) continues in our iPhone App and works great for map locations as well as old fashioned web search," outlined the posting.

Additional features include daily facts and detailed search results for movies, news, weather and flight statuses.

Microsoft's Bing is already available on Windows Mobile, RIM's Blackberry and various other mobile platforms, in the US but the company has yet to release a dedicated Android app. The mobile search engine enters a market where Google dominates, ahead of rival mobile search engines Yahoo Mobile and Apple's Safari.

Microsoft is bumping up its mobile applications releases and is rumored to be working on both a Twitter and Facebook application for its Zune HD music player.

Microsoft's Bing application is available in Apple's App Store and can be downloaded for free.