The Earth's shadow renders the moon as a person in Ferris wheel observes it during a total lunar eclipse in Tokyo

As well as the night seeing the brightest and darkest moon of the year, China will be having its Moon Festival during the extra-rare events

Chinese airlines are running special flights that will offer the best view in the Earth’s atmosphere of the supermoon and lunar eclipse next week.

Across the world, the night of September 27 will see both the brightest and the darkest moon — with some people also referring to the events as a “blood moon”, as well as the lunar eclipse and supermoon. But in China there will be an extra moon event — Asia’s Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also known as the Moon Festival.

China’s Spring Airlines is running a range of “moon-viewing flights” to see the events, reports CNN. As well as offering perhaps the best view of the moon to any human being, they’ll also let people travel to see their family for the holiday, or distract themselves from homesickness if they’re unable to travel home.

"Festivals are the days when homesickness is at its worst," Yi Mao, the airline's head of marketing, told CNN. "And Moon Festival is an important festival for the Chinese.

"We hope the moon-viewing flights will take care of the emotional needs of our customers who are still on the road during the festival."

Even if the sky is cloudy on the night of the events, those on the flights will be able to see the bright and then dark moon once they climb out of the clouds.

The supermoon will actually be more visible in China on September 28, rather than the 27th, according to China’s Metereological Adminstration. But September 27 will also see the lunar eclipse — very rare lunar events that some have said could be a sign of the end of the world.

The flights will also be offering special Moon Festival traditions. Those riding on the special journeys will be able to participate in activities “including writing couplets, giving out mooncakes and guessing lantern riddles”, Mao told CNN.