Brits 'cannot get enough' of smartphones and tablets

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The popularity of smartphones and tablet computers continues to soar in the UK and offers media content companies a big revenue stream, a report will say today.

KPMG's Media and Entertainment Barometer shows that people "cannot get enough of smartphones and tablets in the UK".

Ownership of the devices, which include iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy range and HTC handsets, is up a third this year to 36 per cent.

Tablet buyers more than doubled, with the majority going for an iPad, though ownership is at a far lower base at 5 per cent of those quizzed by YouGov for KPMG.

The rise in popularity of devices that offer fast internet access has driven consumption of "on the move" media, KPMG said, pointing to the huge take-up of ebooks.

David Elms, KPMG head of media, said: "The popularity of these devices will continue to grow. People are becoming hungry for data. What we can see is that people are prepared to spend on content." He added: "This is showing the way forward for media companies."

While fewer smartphone users paid for content, more than 60 per cent of tablet users did. Tablet ownership has doubled in the past six months. Smartphone users spent £5.65 a month on content such as newspapers and ebooks and tablet owners spent £8.87.

Spending on applications for smartphones now runs at close to £6 a month, and higher, at £9 a month, for those using tablets.

Mr Elms said there is a "significant opportunity for media companies to monetise online content and develop new media business models in pace with consumer demands".