The current chart of fastest growing Facebook games: Fish Isle adds another 150,000 active users, School of Wizardry makes its first appearance in our top ten charts with a distinctive Harry Potter style, and Treasure Madness is rewarded for a hike in user numbers over the last 24 hours.

Fish Isle continues it's admirable growth rate, as overall user numbers are steadily increasing by over 5% as they have been nearly every day since the virtual aquarium game was released mid-November, whilst FishVille has been slowing down for a while now, released as it was a week or two earlier, and Happy Aquarium lies just outside the chart with a tiny 0.3% increase in use nonetheless equating to an extra 84,000 players checking up on their in-game fishbowls.

School of Wizardry is an apprentice wizard training sim that takes place in a traditional boarding school environment. The characters used to advertise the game are a bespectacled, brown-mopped boy, a red-headed teen lad, and a young girl, all carrying wands and dressed in gowns. Such strong resemblance to the Harry Potter books cannot be put down to coincidence, and are a major driver behind the game's appeal.

Treasure Island's exactly what one would expect - digging for treasure in a cute isometric island environment, with a healthy side-serving of trove trading among Facebook friends. The number of Facebook users playing it has increased by 4% every day over the last couple of weeks; today's news is that the amount coming back on a daily basis took a major leap since December 3, increasing by nearly 50% to 735,000.

The Facebook games with the biggest increases in daily active users on December 4 at 15:00 GMT are:

1. FishVille (22,915,276 = +528,835 / 2.3%)
2. Happy Pets (6,564,277 = +344,871 / 5.3%)
3. FarmVille (69,761,553 = +259,288 / 0.4%)
4. Café World (31,222,914 = +226,564 / 0.7%)
5. Mafia Wars (27,006,790 = +198,005 / 0.7%)
6. Fish Isle (2,349,718 = +152,512 / 6.5%)
7. Zoo World (3,808,300 = +141,166 / 3.7%)
8. Country Life (3,192,092 = +135,910 / 4.3%)
9. School of Wizardry (1,558,934 = +94,868 / 6.1%)
10. Treasure Madness (2,380,497 = +94,791 / 4.0%)

Numbers in brackets relate to total monthly users, the increase in monthly users, and the daily percentage growth.