The fastest growing Facebook games of the moment on November 20: aquarium antics in FishVille, feline friends in Happy Pets, Happy Aquarium companion application Happy Aquarium Community, and Band of Heroes.

Lower overall numbers of additional daily active users of Facebook games compared to November 19's trends means that some nascent trends are easier to spot in November 20's Top 10.

The fastest growing Facebook game or game-related application in percentage terms is Happy Aquarium Community, a new add-on for the current no. 4 most active Facebook application Happy Aquarium. The Community application is a way for users to communicate outside of the main game, and the announcement of a competition for players in the last few days may explain the sudden upsurge in activity.

Fishville, the latest game from Zynga, is today the no. 1 game with most daily active users, up from yesterday's no.5. Zynga have fused their social gaming know-how with the current trend for fish games, and FishVille's 5.3 million daily active users means that it is fast approaching Happy Aquarium's 7.4 million.

Happy Pets picks up the pace with a 7.3% increase (63,874 additional daily users) as compared with yesterday's 6.9% growth rate (54,540) and shoots up the charts to no. 5. CrowdStar, who are also makers of Happy Aquarium, are diversifying their portfolio of games with this animal-themed game which features cute cats to start with, while cartoon dogs are promised for a future update.

Finally, Band of Heroes, a World War II role playing game with a title aping Spielberg-produced mini-series Band of Brothers, is the fourth Facebook game from the developers of the popular Facebook version of Champions Online, and has enjoyed a steady growth rate of around 15% each day this week.

The Facebook games with the biggest increases in daily active users on November 20 at 12:00 GMT are:

1.  FishVille (5,319,609 = +165,841 / 3.1%)
2.  Café World (10,010,561 = +122,566 / 1.2%)
3.  Bejeweled Blitz (3,240,036 = +111,396 / 3.4%)
4.  FarmVille (26,752,855 = +74,990 / 0.3%)
5.  Happy Pets (879,945 = +63,874 / 7.3%)
6.  Happy Aquarium Community (88,330 = +39,012 / 44.2%)
7.  Island Paradise (1,869,377 = +34,841 / 1.9%)
8.  Restaurant City (4,932,666 = +32,993 / 0.7%)
9.  Mafia Wars (6,891,121 = +24,688 / 0.4%)
10. Band of Heroes (110,899 = +18,392 / 16.6%)

Numbers in brackets relate to total daily users, the increase in daily users, and the daily percentage growth.