The current chart of fastest growing Facebook games: Continued expansion for FishVille, Zoo World grows despite (or because of) user confusion, and Country Life mounts its challenge as the next big thing in agricultural-themed Facebook games.

Fishville puts some more meat on its bones with a 415,713 increase in daily users. With no noticeable new additions or features to the FishVille game, developers Zynga can be pleased with the increase, especially considering that this time last month the game was not out yet, and is now sitting pretty on the monthly charts at number 8 with 21 million unique monthly users, and over a quarter of that user base checking in on their virtual fish on any given day.

Zoo World from RockYou! is back in the top 10 after swallowing up another ~20% increase, as it did on November 26, but overall growth between then and now means that today's increase is 110,000 rather than the 80,00 it was last week, and the application's discussion board is full of people desperate to increase the success of their digital zoos despite apparent technical bugs.

Country Life is another game that has been getting hammered by recent surges in popularity. Having added more server capacity and completed infrastructure maintenance, the developers (who appear to be on their first game with this) have added some new objects and a photo function to this cute farm sim.

Outside the Top 10, Fish Life by Clipwire has doubled its daily users in the past month and seen a steady upward increase in monthly users from 860,000 to 2,500,000 in the same period.

Snowball Fight, though not strictly speaking a fully-fledged game and more of an enhanced Facebook interaction application, has been the very model of viral growth - it enables users to send a "you've been snowballed" style message and graphic to any number of Facebook contacts, who then must install the application in order to return fire or snowball other Facebook users on their contacts list.

The Facebook games with the biggest increases in daily active users on November 27 at 15:00 GMT are:

1. FishVille (6,806,371 = +415,713 / 6.1%)
2. Café World (10,168,466 = +258,310 / 2.5%)
3. FARKLE (1,136,269 = +208,912 / 18.4%)
4. Country Life (995,373 = +198,039 / 19.9%)
5. Happy Pets (1,906,178 = +175,201 / 9.2%)
6. Fish World (2,370,899 = +170,833 / 7.2%)
7. Zoo World (545,615 = +113,622 / 20.8%)
8. Mafia Wars (6,683,266 = +88,998 / 1.3%)
9. Sorority Life (1,166,854 = +88,375 / 7.6%)
10. YoVille (3,014,210 = +77,797 / 2.6%)

Numbers in brackets relate to total daily users, the increase in daily users, and the daily percentage growth.