Current fastest growing Facebook games: 'Happy Pets', 'Bejeweled Blitz', 'Zoo World'

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Old favorites and new populate the chart of current fastest growing Facebook games on November 26. "Happy Pets" continues to pick up players, and "Bejeweled Blitz" enjoys a renaissance, whilst "Zoo World"'s active users increase by nearly 20 percent.

CrowdStar has been getting the most out of the buzz surrounding its new game "Happy Pets" by adding new content on a daily basis. Cats, pet furniture and scratching posts have all been introduced, and the introduction of both additional rooms and more pets since yesterday's chart seems to have had a noticable impact on the game's popularity.

Over the last four weeks, "Bejeweled Blitz" has four times hit 3.3 million daily active users, only once dipping below 2.9 million, and appears to be topping out quite nicely. It's PopCap's most enduring title and a cross-platform success, with versions available for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and mobile phones among others.

"Zoo World," by RockYou!, took a bit of a jump as an extra 80,000 users checked in. Its zoo management gameplay mixed with cute, oversized graphics and difficulty levels that grow with the size of the zoo have been attracting Facebook users over the last 10 days since it came out. Though there have been a few technical difficulties, as expected with any new game that becomes popular quickly, that hasn't put people off finding out what's so special about "Zoo World".

"Texas HoldEm Poker" is seemingly an everpresent in the charts, but Electronic Arts' new acquisition Playfish has just announced the imminent launch of "Poker Rivals." Despite the glut of fishing and farming games, up until now there have been no serious competitors to Zynga's "Texas Holdem." Playfish brings EA's money to the table and it will be interesting to see what they do with it.

The Facebook games with the biggest increases in daily active users on November 26 at 15:00 GMT are:

1. Happy Aquarium (8,223,415 = +248,555 / 3.0%)
2. Happy Pets (1,576,857 = +218,960 / 13.9%)
3. FarmVille (26,659,423 = +200,961 / 0.8%)
4. Restaurant City (4,800,426 = +175,987 / 3.7%)
5. Bejeweled Blitz (3,273,310 = +163,024 / 5.0%)
6. FishVille (6,398,068 = +95,495 / 1.5%)
7. Zoo World (425,275 = +79,314 / 18.7%)
8. YoVille (3,037,262 = +61,420 / 2.0%)
9. Texas HoldEm Poker (4,547,070 = +57,763 / 1.3%)
10. ???? / HappyFarm (2,984,853 = +53,851 / 1.8%)

Numbers in brackets relate to total daily users, the increase in daily users, and the daily percentage growth.