The current chart of fastest growing Facebook games: Doctors and nurses cause Medical Mayhem, Fish Isle does well but has a long way to go to catch up with FishVille, and Band of Heroes establishes itself as a Facebook favorite.

Medical Mayhem is, like many other Facebook games, essentially a resource management game. Café World, FarmVille, and Zoo World all do it to a greater or lesser extent, but Medical Mayhem is gathering pace with a new take on the genre - it's hospital management with a sense of humor and gameplay mechanics that encourage players to enjoy the chaotic ride rather than try to create a perfectly ordered virtual world.

Fish Isle is, remarkably, Igg Inc.'s only Facebook application and joins other popular virtual aquarium games such as Happy Aquarium (27 million monthly active users) and FishVille (22 million). Still, going from 0 to 2 million active users around the world in under 20 days is not to be sneezed at, especially considering that Igg doesn't wield the corporate might of Crowdstar and Zynga respectively, and the younger game's growth rate has remained steady over that time as well.

Band of Heroes comes from company LOLapps, who preside over several other Facebook applications including the games Diva Life at number 8 and video game tie-in Champions Online, lurking outside the Top 10 at number 12. Though today sporting a healthy 6.4% growth rate, the World War II-themed role-playing game has in fact doubled its monthly active user count since Friday, November 27 by means of an admirable growth spurt over the weekend.

1. FishVille (22,386,441 = +577,742 / 2.6%)
2. Happy Pets (6,219,406 = +452,067 / 7.3%)
3. FarmVille (69,502,265 = +226,759 / 0.3%)
4. Zoo World (3,667,134 = +170,727 / 4.7%)
5. Fish Isle (2,197,206 = +156,342 / 7.1%)
6. Country Life (3,056,182 = +135,714 / 4.4%)
7. Café World (30,996,350 = +121,874 / 0.4%)
8. Diva Life (2,978,737 = +116,990 / 3.9%)
9. Medical Mayhem (1,033,709 = +107,376 / 10.4%)
10. Band of Heroes (1,661,401 = +106,622 / 6.4%)

Numbers in brackets relate to total monthly users, the increase in monthly users, and the daily percentage growth.