The term "#ThrowBackShows" is the most hotly talked about topic on Twitter on the morning of October 13.

People on Twitter are using the term #ThrowBackShows to refer to shows they used to watch on TV when they were younger. The names of popular TV shows are bringing back memories of time spent in front of the box with old friends.

Some "ThrowBackShows" that people on Twitter miss include Alf, Friends, The Smurfs, Fraggle Rock and The Wonder Years.

Korean-based celebrity news and media website, Allkpop has gained an online following on Twitter during the last few hours thanks to a viral marketing campaign that encourages people to use the microblogging site to post about the entertainment news site. Allkpop is running a competition where people who include the term #allkpop in their 140 characters could win music CD and DVD giveaways. 

The topic #allkpop appears to have since been removed from Twitter's list of trending topics. 

The low-budget horror film Paranormal Activity is proving to be a crowd-pleaser in both the cinemas and with people on Twitter. The movie has been consistently in Twitter's list of most talked about topics since before it's limited release in art-house cinemas in the US at the end of last month. 

Since then, viral marketing has driven the film into the mainstream market. An online campaign saw over one million people vote for Paranormal Activity to have a US-wide release.

"Paranormal Activity cost only $11,000 to create, and it made over $7 Million first weekend in Theatres!!! That's a come-up!!! $$$$" wrote one Twitter user. 

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on October 13 at 6:30 AM GMT are:

1. #ThrowBackShows (new)
2. #allkpop (new)
3. #musicmonday (-1)
4. Paranormal Activity (unchanged)
5. Goodnight (unchanged)
6. Google Wave (new)
7. Halloween (+2)
8. Y'all (new)
9. #Tilasback (new)
10. Soulja Boy TV (new)