Delayed dual-screen Android-powered e-reader finally goes on sale in US

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US-based technology company Spring Design announced that their Android-powered Alex e-reader could be pre-ordered in the US on March 16.

Spring Design had previously stated that the device would start shipping on February 22 but the company faced delays and was forced to postpone the release of their device until mid-April.

Meanwhile, the e-reader market has been advancing at a rapid pace and prices have been dropping. And while Alex offers many features that are not available on the current market leader, the Kindle, the delay may have drastically reduced the Alex's future market penetration.

The Alex combines a 6" Electronic Paper Display (EPD) with a 3.5" color LCD screen so you can browse the internet or watch videos in full color while you read.

Social networkers can also use the e-reader's inbuilt WiFi or 3G internet connection to make posts on Twitter or update their status on Facebook, with new Android-e-reader compatible applications expected to arrive in the dedicated Alex Marketplace shortly.

The impending release of similarly priced tablet and slate devices means consumers may well hold off on buying an e-reader, seeing that their money may be better spent purchasing a connected "couch device."

Spring Design's Android-powered Alex e-reader can be pre-ordered from the company's website ( for $399 and is expected to start shipping no later than mid-April.