Diddit - the new website for the online boasting community

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If you can’t stand Facebook, MySpace or any of the other social networking sites where people strive to show how great their lives are, brace yourself for an exercise in one-upmanship that puts them all in the shade. Diddit is the latest import from the US. Tipped as the next online craze, the website exists to allow boasting about things its users claim to have done and plan to do – from top ski resorts visited to marathons run.

Users compile lists of completed experiences, called diddits, and things they plan to do, called wannados, and share them with friends. Achievements are arranged in categories such as travel, sports, and arts and culture. The more lists ticked off the more credits members gather. More than 750,000 diddits have already been completed, and for the particularly egocentric, the site has sections for users to “share stories of life experiences”. Unkind non-users have suggested this translates as boasting.

“With Diddit, we are creating a single place for users to visit for all their diverse experiences in life where they can discover interests they never thought possible, share stories about their activities and engage with dynamic communities,” said Paul Gauthier, co-founder of Ludic Labs, the company behind the website. “Our mission at Diddit is to be the Amazon.com for your life, making us the definitive place people visit to discover and attain life experiences.”

After launching in theUnited States earlier this month, Diddit already has more than 10,000 users and more than 300,000 different activities listed, from rides at Disneyland to how many books from the Harry Potter oeuvre users have read.