'Status update :Tough day in the pool'

Survey reveals food photographers and attention seekers are also up there in the online bugbear stakes

People who frequently update their friends on their diet and fitness progress are the 'worst thing' about social media, according to the results of a new survey.

Budding food photographers were voted the second biggest bugbear, while a habit of over-sharing also seemed to rile the online population.

In the survey of almost 1,800 people, conducted by online sports retailer Sweatband.com, 38 per cent also said they had to leave social media sites because of other members.

Here is the list of the top 10 most annoying habits on social media, according to UK-based users who answered a question of ‘Which of the following would you say were the worst things about social media?’:


1.   Diet and fitness freaks – 53%

Users who share every detail of dieting and exercising.

2.    Meal sharers– 45%

Wannabe Jamie Olivers who post every image of their meal.

3.    Attention seekers – 42%

 People who make unclear status updates that cry for people to ask questions. When asked these users often respond: “I would rather not talk about it”

4.    Gamers – 37%

Texas Hold 'Em, Bejewelled Blitz. You know the type. Those who ask their friends to build an imaginary farm together or those who keep sending you free petrol for that racing game.

5.    Overly proud parents – 36%

These are parents who keep updating their followers on every one of their child’s successes in school/jokes/funny moments, posting lots of cheesy family photos and videos along the way.

6.    Oversharers – 32%

Did we really need to know that? Social media users who post incredibly personal details of their lives.

7.    Google maps lovers– 26%

Users who tell the whole world about that shopping centre they go to.

8.    Ticket sellers/promoters – 25%

Why am I tagged in a poorly-designed poster for an R 'n' B night at a club called 'Volcano'? These are people who try to sell tickets for events or who keep inviting you to things you will never want to attend.

9.     Attention seekers #2 – 22%

-       Users who have a burning need to make a comment under every one of your photos or statements.

10.  Businesses – 19%

-       Small businesses who try to be friends with everyone in the hope that one day you will buy something from them.