The recent announcement of the impending release of Apple's iPad and iBook store may have sent a chill down the back of the necks of e-book reader makers Amazon, Sony and Barnes & Noble, but a new survey suggests consumers are very satisfied with their current e-reading devices.

A February 3 report by market research company, The NPD Group, shows that 95 percent of e-reader owners are satisfied with their device.

A mere two percent of e-reader owners surveyed expressed varying levels of dissatisfaction with their digital book readers.

Among the most important features in an e-reader was the ability to be connected wirelessly said those surveyed; 60 percent of e-readers revealed it was their favorite feature on their device.

Touch screen capabilities were also a desired addition in e-reading devices. 23 percent of e-reader owners expressed a strong like for the feature.

"Both the display technology and available content on e-Readers are optimized for those interested in books, said Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis at NPD. "Pairing these optimizations with wireless technology for transparent access and touch screens for easy navigation has resonated with the avid readers that have been early e-Reader adopters."

While customer satisfaction was high, a large number of e-reader owners felt their devices could benefit from extra features or new technology. The most requested improvements were longer battery life (42 percent), additional boot titles (39 percent) and color screens (34 percent).

The report was based on user feedback received from over 1000 e-reader owners in November 2009.