As is traditional for the release day of a game that relies heavily on online play, nobody can get into Tamriel on the first day it's available for console

One of the biggest games of the year launched last night. But an awful lot of people, it seems, couldn’t play it.

The launch of the console version of The Elder Scrolls Online was plagued by connection problems after its midnight launch, according to game forums. Like many games that rely heavily on internet connections to play, server overloads seemed to mean that people couldn’t log in once they had bought the game.

Developers said that they were working on a fix for the problem, and would provide updates to players in a special forum.

But many were unhappy with the response form the company. Developers ran an beta test of the game — allowing people to play it early in return for testing it out and providing feedback — but some players said that it was too short and had meant that the game wasn’t ready.

The problem seemed to hit both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.