Facebook: a third of posts are lies a survey of UK adults shows

The poll suggests people doctor what they post online look more exciting and impressive

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There is finally an explanation as to why your life seem so unglamorous compared with your Facebook friends who constantly jet about the globe and score their dream jobs - they're liars.

A survey into the social media habits of 2,000 UK adults showed that a third of content posted was a lie

Tricks users harness to appear more impressive include editing photos to make them more flattering, or opting for pictures from when they were younger and better looking.

Others shared articles they had not read to appear more intelligent.

Some users admitted to inviting random people they find attractive to be their ‘friend’ so they have more impressive connections than anyone else.

Exaggerating career developments, boasting about an active social life, and fabricating status updates about domestic bliss or enviable parenting skills were also ways users brag about their lives.

The study also shows that a third of people think carefully about when to ‘check-in’ to places, only tagging themselves to places which are either particularly interesting or a place which will make their friends jealous.

The boasting is such that a third of people using the website feel under pressure to have more exciting lives.

While over half of those polled in the survey, which was commissioned by Pukka Pies,  said Facebook is a useful way to stay updated with their friends and means they don’t miss out on current activity, a third admitted to merely using the social networking website as an outlet for showing off.