Facebook albums are now like digital scrapbooks / Getty

Instagram and Snapchat are now the first ports of call for most people looking to share pictures

Facebook has completely overhauled albums.

The social network has essentially transformed them into digital scrapbooks where you can dump lots of different types of content.

Albums used to be an extremely popular feature, and Facebook is hoping to revive them.

The rise of Instagram, which lets you quickly edit pictures to perfection and promote them with hashtags and location tags for maximum exposure - and as many Likes as possible - has left Facebook albums in the shade.

Ephemeral photo sharing, first popularised by Snapchat and copied by a multitude of other apps, have also contributed to their decline.

As well as pictures, you can now add videos, statuses and check-ins to Facebook albums.

The company has also made it easier for groups of friends to collaborate on albums. All you need to do is enable the ‘Allow friends to add to this album’ option when you create one.

You can even follow an album, in order to stay up-to-date with a friend’s adventures. 

Facebook now lets you feature an album on your profile too, as a means of getting as many people to view it as you can. 

The changes are designed to make Facebook albums more of a storytelling tool than a collection of images that, realistically, might not mean a great deal to anyone other than you.

The new version of Facebook albums has started rolling out to desktop and Android app users, and will arrive on iOS soon.