How Facebook at Work will look / Facebook

Employees will be able to use all the normal Facebook tools, but within their company

Facebook at Work has launched, with the company testing its business social network among a group of limited partners.

The service allows employees to use Facebook tools — many of which, such as the news feed, groups, messages and events, are the same as on the normal site — but on a special work-focused site.

The site has the same look and feel as the normal Facebook, but is meant for connecting and collaborating with colleagues rather than friends.

Facebook at Work seems to be more of a platform than an external service, like Facebook is — all of the data is stored within the company and only accessible to them. That will also mean that it is entirely separate from their Facebook profile, avoiding any accidental mix-ups between the two and keeping all data safe and confidential.

The app will be visible in the iOS and Android stores but accessible only to the “few partners” that it is working with.

Facebook at Work was first reported in November. Some competitors have said that the site will have problems because it doesn't understand how businesses work, and could lead to employees becoming distracted.