Facebook has launched 11 new guides to help users / Getty

The guides should make the social media site's privacy settings less opaque

In an attempt to make its notoriously complicated privacy settings more accessible, Facebook has launched a new set of guides to help users.

The guides, which are found in the privacy basics portal, will cover topics including how to ensure information is kept secure and how to recognise attempts to steal information.

The portal has been expanded and 11 new visual and interactive guides have been created.

A safety section, called “How to keep your account secure” will cover setting a strong password, identifying suspicious activity on accounts and advice on what to do if an account is taken over by an unknown individual.

Writing on a Facebook blog, Melissa Luu-Van, a product manager at the company, said: “Since last November, millions of people have visited Facebook privacy basics, a dedicated resource that gives people a simpler way to find and use our privacy controls.

“After seeing how interested people are in material like this, we discovered that they also had questions about our security tools.

“Online threats are a growing concern for people, and our hope is that this helps people better understand how to stay safe and secure on Facebook,” she added.

Most of the revamped guides go through the settings step-by-step, allowing those who are less proficient with technology to easily understand the changes.

The information is available in 40 languages and is accessible on phones, tablets and computers.