The USA plays Lithuania in the 2014 Basketball World Cup / David Ramos/Getty Images

You'll need the latest version of the Messenger app for the game to work

In honour of the March Madness basketball tournament, Facebook has hidden another minigame inside its Messenger app.

We've all heard of Facebook chess, but this time if you send a friend a basketball emoji and tap on it, it'll start a little basketball game.

It's fairly straightforward - just flick on the basketball and try to get it in the hoop. After 10 successful dunks in a row, the hoop will start moving, making things a bit more difficult.

The minigame appear when you send a friend a basketball emoji and tap on it

If you successfully get the ball in the basket, you'll be rewarded with a celebratory emoji.

It's a bit silly and very millenial, but then again, so is Facebook Messenger.

You'll need the latest version of Messenger for it to work, so head to Android or iOS app store to get updated.

The final game of March Madness will be played on 4 April, and the minigame could disappear after that - so if you want to play, you'll have to hurry up.