Most issues seem to have been resolved, and the site is loading — albeit slowly and not for everyone

Facebook is gradually recovering after a total outage that hit every platform and people all over the world.

The outage took down the site on mobile and desktop, and the apps on iOS and Android. But it seemed to be gradually recovering.

Facebook's status page — which the site — had also gone down during the outage. But it was back up and showing that the site was "Investigating" problems with its Graph API, the infrastructure that underlies the site.

Its own status page reported some problems from about 5.30pm. Though the site was coming back online, Facebook's status page still displayed an "Issue", indicating that the site had not been entirely fixed.

Facebook didn't identify the reason for the problem but said that it was "working with [its] core infrastructure teams to identify the issue and will update you when we have more information", in an update posted by engineer Benjamin Golub.