Fallout 4 announcement imminent, as Bethesda posts nuclear-themed countdown

Developer seems to be getting out ahead of E3 conference later this month

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Fallout 4 is about to be announced, by the looks of a nuclear-themed countdown on a special website.

Developer Bethesda has posted a huge 24-hour countdown on its site, with the game expected be announced when it ends. Further details are then expected at the E3 conference later this month.

The image is a classic Fallout image, using the slightly cartoonish mid-century theme of the previous games.

There hasn’t been a major Fallout game since the third instalment in 2008. The sequel has been long-rumoured but few details have emerged during production, apart from a likely setting of Boston.

The company has used its Twitter page to repeatedly deny rumours in the past. But today it retweeted the teaser image, ahead of the expected full announcement tomorrow.

The Fallout games are all set after a global nuclear war that has turned the entire world into a wasteland. They take their design cues from mid-century America.

Bethesda is holding its first ever conference at the major E3 gaming conference on June 14, and many had presumed that it was doing so to announce the game.