MindJolt's long standing games portal, MindJolt Games, was the fastest growing Facebook game between February 27 and March 5 based on regular use.

What's unusual is that the application hasn't been doing an extraordinary amount of work to get itself noticed over the last year or so, other than letting its users spread the word.

MindJolt is also somewhat unique in that it doesn't tend to develop the games available through its service. Instead, it prefers to gives budding game creators the chance to bring their ideas to the masses, and then divvy up any revenue that follows on from that.

Always in and around the top five fastest growing games, one thing has changed significantly for MindJolt in the last week - its ownership.

The firm was bought out by a group known as Platform G, best known for having former MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe at its helm. There are other also other ex-MySpace staff involved and a fair chunk of financial backing from private equity firm Austin Ventures.

MindJolt appears to be a wise first acquisition, as it already has 20 million regular users gained by way of providing Facebook users with a slew of simple games to play in the company of friends.

Imagine what sort of goodies could be on offer if MindJolt had 20 million dollars to fall back on.

Fastest growing Facebook games on Friday March 5 at 18:00 GMT

01. MindJolt Games (19,782,786 = +900,131 / +4.6%)
02. Bubble Island (1,101,968 = +594,265 / +54.0%)
03. FarmVille (83,105,118 = +591,152 / +0.7%)
04. Tiki Resort (1,218,159 = +575,310 / +47.2%)
05. My City Life (3,908,234 = +537,319 / +13.8%)
06. PetVille (19,567,573 = +472,022 / +2.4%)
07. Texas HoldEm Poker (27,211,570 = +465,874 / +1.7%)
08. Ninja Saga (3,874,566 = +453,790 / +11.7%)
09. SPP Ranch! (2,542,250 = +411,466 / +16.2%)
10. Happy Island (12,275,447 = +301,470 / +2.5%)

Numbers in brackets relate to total monthly users, the increase in monthly users, and the weekly percentage growth.
Source: appdata.com