Financial Times becomes Syrian Electronic Army's latest victim


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The Financial Times have become the latest targets of the Syrian Electronic Army after their tech blog and Twitter accounts were hacked on Friday afternoon.

Twelve posts entitled 'Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army' appeared between 12.38pm and 12.42pm. The FT's affected feeds included their FT Markets account and The Lex Column, following a phishing attack on the company’s email accounts.

One of the links posted is believed to have been a video of several bound and blindfolded individuals, according to the Wall Street Journal. The video was quickly removed.

The FT tweeted that their account had been compromised by hackers and said they were "working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

On their website Robert Shrimsley, the managing editor of said:

“We have now locked those accounts and are grateful for Twitter’s help on this.”

The SEA, who first emerged in 2011, are anonymous supporters of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and believe that media coverage of the Syrian civil war from Arab and Western countries is heavily biased.

In an email interview with the FT a month ago the SEA had promised to “target all the countries who support the terrorists groups in Syria.”

Their previous targets have included hijacking Associated Press’ Twitter account and falsely tweeting that President Obama had been injured by explosions at the White House. This had serious consequences for the Dow Jones stock exchange and shares plummeted within minutes of the tweet being published.