Miley Cyrus' disembodied head makes an appearance in the App Store / Talo Games

Oh please make it stop

The world continues to eat up any and every Flappy Bird knock-off as app developers laugh from their gilded bedrooms, with the latest, Flying Cyrus, hitting No. 1 in the Apple App Store for iPhone.

The game uses the same old tapping mechanics, though instead of a bird dodging pipes it sees a tongue-wagging Miley Cyrus navigating sledgehammers and wrecking balls.

Despite the app being absolutely plastered with ads it has proven very popular, beating other Flappy Bird-inspired games like Splashy Fish and City Bird to the top of the free chart.

I played it for all of 50 seconds before wanting to bang my head repeatedly against my desk and can confirm it is a suitable replacement for Flappy Bird, albeit slightly easier as the tapping is more responsive.

The original game was pulled by creator Dong Nguyen earlier this month after he snapped due to the pressure of fielding Flappy Bird queries, comments and complaints, declaring the title an 'addiction'.

The game had been downloaded many quadrillions of times and was on the verge of gaining sentience and colonising a planet.