The creators of popular quiz game Buzz! have announced a freebie for European and Australasian PlayStation 3 users. The next episode in their Blue Toad Murder Files family mystery game will be free for a month following its launch on February 25.

Episode Three, nicknamed 'Episode Free' by Brighton-based developers Relentless, will be playable by anyone who has at least the first episode in the game already installed on their PS3 after purchasing and downloading it from the online PlayStation Network store.

Episodes One and Two were released shortly before Christmas 2009, on December 17, and fellow Brighton-based gaming review site Eurogamer awarded the game a wholesome 7/10, Gamespot scored it a 6.5, and Thunderbolt saw it as a game that was at its best in a family environment.

At that time, reviewers and players were pleased by the game's story, humor, production and accessiblity. Generally, opinions were united around the length of the game - most felt that more of the same would have been most welcome - and now that wish has been granted.

The addition of a free third episode adds extra value for both owners and new buyers of the previous episodes which are still available for €7.99 each or €12.99 as a double pack.

The Blue Toad Murder Files, set in the deceptively quiet English village of Little Riddle, will have another three episodes added to its canon in April after the Episode Three special offer comes to an end on March 25.