Chris Tolworthy, designer of an epic videogame series called Enter The Story, has sent out a photo-call for ordinary people to star in his next game Genesis Of The Gods, due out shortly in December 2009.

The Enter The Story cycle takes tales from classic literature and turns them into scenic point-and-click adventure games. Tolworthy aims to bring these stories to life for the modern age, to use them to touch on deeper real-world themes such as poverty and the meaning of life, and to do so in an engaging and accessible way.

All of the games are linked by a mysterious young woman named Peri who, as part of her own search for a true home, finds herself interacting with various fictional figures.

The first game in the series revolved around Les Miserables, whilst the second was all about Dante's Divine Comedy. The upcoming Genesis Of The Gods is based on the ancient Greek creation myth, while a few of the other stories planned for later inclusion are Shakesperean opus Julius Caesar, the imaginatively explorative Treasure Island, and a collection of fairy tales intended for children.

The competitions' winners will appear as the faces of a 50-strong cast of Greek deities, including Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Cratos, Nike and Poseidon. Other unused head-shots remain in hot contention for inclusion later on in the expansive series.

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Closing date: Saturday, November 14