For those looking to buy for an avid or even casual videogamer, finding the perfect present can be tricky, but thankfully a good few specialist websites have compiled useful lists to help in navigating towards the best and most suitable gifts. Here are 10 of the best and most popular gaming websites' gift lists.

Started in 2003 and named after the video game slang for gaining an 'extra life', the site became well known for its regular video and audio shows run by site staff. Gift guide is sorted by platform.

Ars offers news and reviews on a variety of computer technology-related subjects, with a regular round-up of the best PC components for those about to assemble their own computer. The games guide here is part of a wide-ranging 70-item list of gift suggestions that ranges from computer hardware to kitchenware.

Relatively new on the scene but started by ex-bigwigs coming from Google, eMusic, and Gamespy, CrispyGamer uses a simple "Buy It, Try It, Fry It" rating system. Includes gift suggestions for women and a "decadent category."

The web version of Comcast's devoted video games channel, G4TV hosts video based reviews and features pulled from their regular cable programming, and is almost entirely in video format. Includes Staff Picks, potential bargains, and selections for the infeasibly rich.


Now owned by CBS, Gamespot traces its history back to 1996 and made its name on accessible expert opinions. Several former Gamespot reviewers have crossed the divide and now work for video game companies. Gift suggestions are sorted both by platform and the type of person who'll be on the receiving end.

Starting out as a technical service to help gamers get online, GameSpy built upon its reputation until it was bought out in 2004 by rivals IGN who themselves went to News Corporation in 2005. Selections are sorted by humorous stereotype, such as the sci-fi geek, the jock, the PC nut, and the everyman.

Giant Bomb
Though only set up in 2008, the fact that it was set up by popular and respected ex-Gamespot staff gave it instant appeal, with its series of audio podcasts, video reviews and community features. This is their alternative gift guide: non-gaming gifts for gamers.

Associated with fellow gaming websites GameSpy, FilePlanet, and Direct2Drive, IGN was bought by News Corp for a hefty $650 million and has since widened its coverage to include film and music. Their gift lists include 1-minute video summaries presented by the site's experts, and both new and essential titles for each system.

One of the web's first and foremost video game news sites shares its parent company with gadgets blog Gizmodo, tech tips site Lifehacker and online gossip rag Gawker. Each system's guide features a wealth of bite-size summaries and of course a link through to the original reviews.

What They Play
A family-centric website with the stated aim of helping parents navigate video game purchases, the site highlights the best games for each age range and explains the ins and outs of some more controversial titles, and the guide looks at games for kids, tweens, teens, adults, and families.