Google has changed its name to Alphabet / REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Files

Chris Andrikanich received almost 1,000 mentions in under an hour

When Google, the world’s second most valuable company, changes its name to Alphabet overnight, the ripples were felt the world over -  not least by Chris Andrikanich, who owns the @alphabet Twitter handle.

An unknown yesterday, the “Dad, husband. Self-proclaimed geek” was cast into the spotlight on Monday, when Google announced it was changing its name after stock markets closed.

Rumours quickly spread that he could reach a big-bucks deal with the tech giant involving his Twitter handle.

Mr Andrikanich, whose tweets tend to receive around one favourite or retweet, realised something strange was happening when he received 996 mentions in a 40-minute drive to pick up his child, he told Android Central.

Seemingly overwhelmed, he simply tweeted: “Well, that was an interesting way to end a Monday...”

While it is against the social media website’s rules to sell handles, deals have been known to be made behind closed doors. Last year, an entrepreneur was offered $15,000 for his handle, CNN Money reported, citing a Reddit post.

However, Mr Andrikanich told Android Central that neither Google nor Alphabet had approached him with a deal.


Google’s sudden transformation will see CEO and co-founder Larry Page become CEO of the holding company, while longtime Google executive Sundar Pichai will become CEO of Google’s core business, including its search engine, online advertising operation and YouTube video service.

The restructuring will enable the firm’s arms such as Nest – which makes home appliances – greater independence, Mr Page said.

Additional reporting by AP