Google’s media streamer Chromecast has appeared on Amazon UK’s website, at three times the price that it is being sold for in the US.

The dongle that enables viewers to stream entertainment straight to their TVs, rather than having to watch movies and programs on computers or mobile devices, is being sold for £59.99, while US shoppers can buy it direct from Google for $35 (£21).

The corporation behind the HDMI stick has not yet announced that it is internationally available, months after it was introduced to the US market.

However, the product is currently listed as in stock on the Amazon UK website, after an international shipping option on ended.

Pitted to rival Apple TV, the technology was a surprise announcement at the Google Android 4.3 event over the summer. It offers versatility by allowing content to be pulled down from the cloud on to a HD TV from iOS, Android , Chrome OS Windows and Mac OS X devices. However, it lacks widespread support from third-party developers and the number of native apps offered does not yet contend with Apple’s offering.

Amazon have not yet commented on the product listing on their website.